Would your business survive a crisis? Most don’t.

Would your business survive a crisis?

80% of businesses affected by a major incident either never reopen or close within 18 months!

The news reminds us every day that unexpected things happen.

  • WHAT IF you were injured in an auto accident and couldn’t work for weeks? Who would pay your bills? Who could communicate with your clients?
  • WHAT IF you were evacuated during a hurricane or lost your home to a fire or tornado? How long could you run your life or your business remotely?
  • WHAT IF the unthinkable happens to you? Do you have an estate plan? Could your spouse or colleagues find your insurance policies and other vital information? Are they even aware these documents exist?

Life happens! Are you prepared for the unexpected?

  • Are your important papers and vital information together—in one secure place—and ready to go in case of fire, hurricane, tornado, accident, medical emergency, or life transition?
  • If your home was broken into or destroyed, could you prove ownershipof its contents for your insurance company?As
  • Could a family member or colleague keep your business up and runningif you were incapacitated?
  • Or would they be frantically searching, missing vital information and wondering why you didn’t make things easier?

I have a friend who got the dreaded call in the night. Her parents had been in an auto accident. Her mother was killed and her father in critical condition. Despite her emotional distress, she needed to find her parents’ insurance policies, medical history, and finances. She needed to make important quick decisions for her father’s care and her mother’s wishes.

She remembered her father saying, “If anything happens to me, everything is in the bottom drawer of the file cabinet next to my desk.” But when she went there, she found a jumble of incomplete and outdated paperwork. It took her years to assemble all the pieces of the puzzle!

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Get your life information organized now instead of panicking in and searching during a crisis and get peace of mind, too.

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