What About Your Wallet?

Are you covered if you lose your wallet?


Not to freak you out, but what if you lost your wallet? I bet it’s happened to everyone at least once since childhood. (I know some who have had it happen more than once.) And now you carry more valuables than you did when you were a teenager.


What to do? Line up all your wallet contents on the copier, and hit “copy”. Then turn them over and copy the backs. The backs typically contain the phone number to call if the card is lost, as well as the CSC (Card Security Code).


You may need to do this more than once to get everything, including insurance cards, ATM cards, membership cards, and maybe loyalty cards (although there are great phone apps for those. I use Key Ring.)


This will make it much easier to know whom you need to notify in case your wallet contents vanish.


Now the question is where to keep these copies. It depends on how secure your home or office is. I keep mine in an orange file folder at the front of a desk file drawer. (It’s handy for placing online orders, too.) You may need to come up with a more secure location, depending on your circumstances. I keep a copy of my husband’s wallet contents, too.


Your wallet contents should be updated every year or so. Whenever you get a new or replacement credit card you can copy again, or just change the expiration date and CSC by hand on the page until you copy the next time. Make sure another trusted person knows where to find this in case of an emergency, illness, accident, etc.


This is one more simple way to cover yourself and avoid compounding a problem—Don’t wait until you wish you had. Do it now.

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