Turning Good Intentions into DONE!

How To Turn Good Intentions into DONE!

A study by the American Society of Training and Development* shows some factors that have an important impact on whether we actually get something done.

  • When we Hear a good idea we have a 10% chance of making a change.
  • When we Decide to do something about it we have a 25% chance of doing it.
  • When we set a Deadline our probability of success increases to 40%.
  • When we make a Plan we have a 50% chance of implementing it.
  • When we make an Appointment we are 95% sure of getting the job done!


How do we feel if we do not do what we tell ourselves we will? What do we think of ourselves if we don’t come through? Disparaging ourselves is not helpful in making our lives better.

So what should we do? We can take all the steps above—they’re all good practices. (Hear an idea, decide to do it, set a deadline, make a plan. But the most magical one, that virtually assures us that we will get it done, is making an appointment to get the job done!

Make that appointment! Enlist that outside support. Make it with a coach, a co-worker, a professional, a friend, whoever you like.

I know of many people who say they stick with their exercise program because they have an appointment with someone who is waiting for them, counting on them, expecting them and they don’t want to let them down.

Make the appointment with the Estate Attorney to get your plan finished. Make the appointment with the trainer or the yoga class. Put the odds in your favor. Make an appointment for your success!

*Now called Association for Talent Development

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