Travel Tips

  • Make Airline, Hotel, Rental Car, and Kennel reservations as needed.
  • Cancel newspapers (bookmark online sites and put into Pre-Travel folder.)
  • Submit Mail Hold Instructions about a week before departure (keep a supply of cards from Postal Service on hand)
  • Plan wardrobe, including shoes, purses and jewelry. You may like to use this form.
  • Have a drawer or shelf reserved for travel items, such as toiletries kit, travel hair dryer, neck pillow, extra cell phone charger, etc.
  • Keep duplicate travel basics packed (small toiletries, etc. and perhaps extra sunglasses, hairbrush, toothbrush, etc.), ready in travel area.
  • Mesh zip-up packing bags are great for keeping things neat and less wrinkled en route; then just put them into the hotel drawer—no need to unpack.
  • Pack a photo-copy of your passport in case of loss. Makes replacement quicker and easier.
  • Gather reading materials. Catch up on magazines and articles as you travel and throw them away as you finish.
  • Keep a few files(plastic last longer) in your carry-on such as:
    • Travel Documents (itinerary, hotel and rental car confirmations, etc.)
    • Clippings/File (such as from the magazines you read en route, or other important items you accumulate on your trip) Action/to do
  • Bring a plain #10 envelope for receipts, or use one from the hotel. Write date and destination on the outside, put receipts inside and writing each amount, place and date on the back. You may want one for Cash receipts and one for Credit Card slips. has two-pocket see-through plastic envelopes (Label one side for cash receipts, the other for credit card slips). They are available in various colors and sizes: small (5″ x 8″) or large (9″ x 12″)
  • Use online check-in within 24 hours of flight to expedite arrival at airport.
  • Have a checklist of things to do before you leave your home such as
    • o Back up and turn off computer
    • o turn off water
    • o adjust thermostat
    • o water plants

Relax and enjoy!

To your Quality of Life,


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