Tips to Tame the Chaos

Here are some highlights from my podcast interview with Brenda Aveyard, a Business Coach with a track record of success.

She reminds us that we can’t work in chaos. One major factor is your office. She felt revitalized when she spruced up her office (with just a few things from Ikea) to make it a space she enjoyed being in.

That is so important! I’ve known people who had a dark office or one that was so inconvenient that they resisted going there. It was very bad for their productivity and outlook on life. (Of course, my signature offering is “Your Office Miracle in a Day”, which is just what it sounds like—and guaranteed! Could be just what you need to set you free to do what you do best!)

She encourages dividing the day into quadrants. That’s a very good way to build balance into your life!

  • Before work–routines that get you off to a strong start
  • Morning–Revenue-generating activities; the main focus to move your business forward
  • Afternoon–customer service, follow up, people contact, etc.)
  • After work–for family, self-care, rejuvenation, fun, etc.
    She recommends having a journal that you keep with you for all the notes of the day (this is not your appointment book). This is better than sticky notes and random pieces of paper! The one she uses has months and days in the top margin so you can highlight the date. It has lots of open space. She uses the left side for notes, and the right side for her to-do list, starting with the revenue-generating activities. And she can find the notes from a particular meeting or event with the date feature. (I’ve had clients who kept all their notes chronologically in a spiral notebook, and it worked well for them.) This one has the added benefit of built-in dating and a more elegant binding (yet very reasonably priced at Walmart! Made by

    Plan your day the night before, when the work is fresh in your mind. I’ve read that Ernest Hemingway used that approach: when he was finished writing for the day, he would begin the next paragraph or chapter, so his thoughts were ready to flow when he resumed the next day (more fun than trying to figure out where you were and intended to go.)

    A few other nuggets:

  • Organize your thoughts and day.
  • Systems and processes make things easier.
  • Change is imperative.
  • Accountability is critical.
    Plenty of solid ideas to help simplify your business life. Hear more and get to know Brenda on the podcast!

    Click here to hear the complete interview.

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