Third Key To An Effective Day

Third key to an effective day

#3: Block Out Time

Waiting until you “have time” to get things done? Worrying about to-do’s because you don’t know when you can get to them?  That’s where blocks of time come in. You may need a Reality Check! Are too many things crowding out what’s most important? We have to “make time” for the important things.  It gives us peace of mind, knowing there is time set aside to do what’s needed.

You can use a spreadsheet or go to (For complete information, read my article, “Design Your Day: Optimize Your Time, Energy and Results” featured in the book Jump-Start Your Success with Brian Tracy. You can access it here: Fill in your essentials (like sleep, commuting, work, family, personal routines, etc.) Carve out prime time (your best energy & environment) to work on your highest priorities that will carry your life and business forward (such as Focus Time, in Key #4).

Build in extra time as things often take longer than we expect, because sometimes the unexpected happens, and so you won’t feel rushed.  Build in things you want to do for yourself and others things that refresh you. Even though we don’t always follow the plan exactly, a little planning pays off in actually saving time, feeling more relaxed and getting more done.

Did you read Key #1 and #2? Feel free to check it them out at 1 – and 2 –  If you’d like ALL 5 Keys To An Effective Day now?  If you are on a mobile device, scroll to the bottom of the page.  Otherwise, look to your right for the 5 Keys.

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