Start Enjoying Your Holidays Now!

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I like to be stressed, worried, behind and feeling bad about how I experience the holidays.

I like feeling that I am able to savor time with my family, seasonal activities, create special memories and enjoy myself!

What you do now impacts your Quality of Life and how much you enjoy the holidays. Every day in November is worth two in December in terms of peace of mind and satisfaction!

First, clear your calendar. Go for Quality, not quantity. Less is more. Leave room for the really important, special, meaningful events. Give yourself leisure and breathing room—time to smell the spices and pine boughs. Don’t set yourself up for stress, frenzy, and regrets. We all make choices, and your life is in your hands. Design it as you would like it to be, and every year will be better.

Often one of the biggest projects is having gifts ready for those you care about.

You may want to consider giving an Experience instead of “more stuff”

  • Theatre tickets
  • Spa treatments
  • Concert tickets
  • Gourmet foods
  • Flowers or fresh greenery
  • Household help (cleaning, catering, etc.)
  • Gift certificates (clothes, home, restaurant, etc.)
  • Child care
  • Your time
    • Household projects
    • Cooking
    • Babysitting
    • Lunch or dinner together at a favorite restaurant

Make it easy, and clear your mind with the steps and form below:

  • Create your gift list of those you want to remember.
  • Write down gift ideas for each person. This is easiest if you keep a list of ideas all year long, whenever you think of something they would like.
  • You may want to make notes of Birthday ideas at the bottom of the page if you think of something that would be better another time (such as outdoor play gear in Spring). Also note batteries needed for any gifts.
  • Get help—just ask, delegate, share responsibilities, hire help. You’ll be more fun to be with!
  • Shop at off-peak times. Save lots of time and hassle. November is better than December, weekdays better than weekends, etc.
  • Shop online as much as possible.
  • Shop early for the best selection. Avoid the disappointment and inconvenience of “out of stock”—and set your mind at ease
  • Set up a wrapping station with paper, scissors, tape, tags, ribbon, etc. in the dining room, spare bedroom, basement, etc. A card table with containers nearby for supplies will do, and be ready when you are. Wrap as much as possible when you get gifts, and remember many gift options above require little or no wrapping or shipping by you!
  • If you send cards, keep your Card List in the computer. Whether you print labels or address by hand, you’ll have everything current and together.
  • Make reservations early (restaurant, hotel, flights).
  • Line up babysitters early, if needed.
  • Try to finish in November so you can enjoy December activities, if you like: decorating, baking, attending special programs, writing cards, playing in the snow, looking at lights, etc.

Relax and Enjoy your Holidays!

You have just enhanced your quality of Life!


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