Shortcut out of Overwhelm

It’s January. We’re back, off and running with resolve to make this a better year, a better month, a better week, a better day than the last. What gets in our way? Often it is Overwhelm: the feeling that there is too much to do, not enough time, not enough energy, etc. We get discouraged and give up or lower our standards, and feel bad about it. So what’s the way out so you can make good on your good intentions?

Two things:

  1. The 80-20 Rule, which says that we get 80% of results from 20% of activities. So review the clamouring to-do list as well as your mind, and focus only on the top 20% that are most important to generate the results you need. Delete as many of the remainder as you can, and park the rest on a master task list.
  2. Think of the Outcome/Result you want, then focus only on the next action that will take you that way. Remember you cannot “do” a project. You can only do each step to complete it.

So don’t overwhelm yourself with more than you can do. Just focus on one thing at a time, make sure it’s a high payoff  activity, enjoy your progress and your results!

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