Award Winning Vital Records Portavault

  • Eliminates the guesswork in identifying important documents!
  • Prevents chaos in emergency situations!
  • Provides the confidence that comes with being prepared!
  • Easy to use, easy to maintain. Just grab it & go!



Manage Digital and Paper Files!
The Simplest Filing System in the World!


Our Home Filing System TM is designed to help you achieve your goal of organizing all you papers – today! Material includes Guidebook, sets of pre-printed labels and a cross-referencing FileIndex.
Material includes:

  • Guidebook full of tips & hints to help you choose what files you need.
  • Pre-printed labels – They’re Fabulous!
  • FileIndex helps you (or family members) find things when you need them.
    *Hanging files & file folders not included

You Will Also Need:

  • 1/3-cut file folders (letter -or- legal size)
  • 1/3-cut (3-1/2″) vinyl tabs & hanging files
  • File cabinet or other container for your files

Click here to see what additional supplies you will need to get started.

Optional “Colored” Hanging files
“Business green” hanging files are fine, but if you want your files to explode with color – purchase hanging files in the four vibrant colors matching our labels (do NOT purchase colored “file” folders – it’s too much). Red, Green, Blue & Lavender hanging files are sold in boxes of 25 of each color (that is enough for the entire Home Filing System). Manufacturers include Smead and Pendaflex. They are also available by using the wholesale supplier SP Richards catalog at your local office supply store.

File Solutions
$34.95 + free shipping

Organize and manage your personal and family papers.
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Golden Tips for Getting Organized

Golden Tips for Getting Organized by the Golden Circle Members of the National Association of Professional Organizers.
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How to be the Organized Woman of Proverbs 31

A step-by-step guide, from A to Z, with simple spiritual and practical tips on how to simplify your life and make the most of your time.
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