How To Productively Handle Stress


Productively Handling Stress


How do you productively handle stress in your day? You were going to get a lot done, be productive and your day was going along well. And then BAM! Something happened that threw everything off balance. So now your day is not going as you hoped and planned it would. You (and perhaps others) are feeling STRESSED! What can you do to salvage the day? …and the ripples that go out from it?


Join me with our guest, Dr. Frank Wood. Dr. Wood has a PhD in Clinical Psychology and has developed an innovative training on stress that he and his team have taught to more than 2,500 individuals across the US and internationally. A client observed that he teaches the near-equivalent of a mindfulness course in about 10% of the time!


You will hear:

  • The 4 typical responses to stress (some more constructive than others)
  • How to deal constructively with stress in yourself and others
  • How to restore and improve productivity and gain more confidence in the process


Gain insights into this important topic when you listen to my podcast, “Biz Life Simplified” where you stress less, enjoy more and optimize your time, energy and results!


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