Prevent Losing Things

Prevent Losing Things

It’s getting to be that “extra-busy” time of the year, and some of you have asked for ideas for keeping up with all your “stuff”. Losing things generates tremendous anxiety, makes us feel bad about ourselves, and wastes our precious time. Let’s make it easier to keep up with things, and enhance Your Quality of Life. More fun, less stress!

Key principle: Don’t multi-task! Be aware of the moment, focus on what you are doing, and relax! Studies have shown that multi-tasking is really counter-productive, and really does not enhance your Quality of Life! (Unless it’s something “mindless” like making salad while watching the news on TV!)

While out:

  • Have specific places in your purse, briefcase or pocket where you always put your keys, cell phone, sunglasses, PDA, planner, wallet, etc. Check those places before you leave the store or office.
  • Need to return something? It’s much easier to get a full refund with the receipt. Instead of letting the cashier put the receipt in the bag, keep all receipts in one place in you wallet, purse, or briefcase until you get home.
  • Put umbrellas or jackets where you will see them when you leave, such as by the door or with your briefcase, keys or purse.
  • Make a list of your errands, in geographic order, on a “sticky note” or 3×5 card. Post it on the dashboard of your car to free your mind, and stay on track.

At home:

  • Have one place at home where you always put keys, glasses, etc. Put your cell phone charger where you will see it when you come home, and when you leave. Keep your planner or PDA with you at all times (even at your bedside!) to capture ideas and to-do’s and keep your mind free.
  • Take a few minutes each week (Saturday morning?) to go through your purse, wallet, briefcase and carto remove unnecessary clutter. It will relieve your mind, and keep your systems clear.
  • Have one place and a system for handling receipts. (That’s a topic in itself, but having one place for holiday receipts narrows it down.)
  • Eliminate activities so you have time to focus on the really important things, and avoid rushing around so much. Be selective, and build in extra time for the unexpected, to catch your breath and just enjoy. Keep life simple (because even simple gets complicated sometimes). That will really enhance Your Quality of Life!

And in the office:
“The typical executive wastes 6 weeks every year looking for lost information!” (Fast Company Magazine August 2004)

It’s vital to have Action, Reference, Follow-up files, etc. to find things just when you need them. Don’t let clutter distract and overwhelm you, and keep you from your most important priorities. Effective Executive can make it easy for you to improve your Quality of Life!


“No problem can be solved until it is reduced to some simple form.”
~ J. P. Morgan, Financier


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