One Thing Increased Productivity 25%

Here is a real-life testimonial to the difference that one “little” thing can make, written by my good friend, Michele Scism of

“In this crazy busy world of entrepreneurship I often feel like I am never going to get enough things done.Last week I finally decided to make a change that had huge results in my business and I wanted to share it with you.When I do you are going to think – Duhhhh!  But my question is have you really done it yourself?  We talk about it but don’t always do it.

What is that 1 thing?

I stopped opening my email as soon as I got to my desk.  I didn’t allow myself to open my email for at least the first hour and I can’t tell you how much I accomplished!

I was able to complete a lot more tasks from my list and better yet I was able to stay on task!

So stop thinking about it and start doing it!  And be sure to let me know what kinds of success you have with that one simple trick.”

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