New Podcast: Biz Life Simplified

Biz Life Simplified


I want to welcome you to my new podcast, which launches Wednesday, March 15, on the eWN Podcast Network!


It’s Biz Life Simplified The program where you stress less, enjoy more, and Optimize your Time, Energy and Results!


As you already know, my mission is “Freeing You To Do What You Do Best.” Whatever makes it easier for you to take care of business (and yourself) is what I bring to you. 


Why a podcast? So many of us are on the go, and a podcast is one form of multitasking that is approved and can “multiply” your time. You can listen at your convenience, while you are driving, walking, exercising, riding your bike (or your horse), cooking, cleaning or whatever activity does not require your full attention and concentration.


So what is Biz Life Simplified all about?


  • It’s about feeling good about what you do and that comes from having Effective Days.
  • It’s about being good to yourself. I don’t let my clients beat up on themselves. They just haven’t found the better way yet.
  • It is about life balance. I hear some gurus say there is no such thing, and it’s true that life is not lived in perfectly even segments, but it’s about FEELING balanced, having the different elements of life be there for you. Just like your diet, it needs the basics for nutrition with some variety and a little fun.
  • It’s about examining all the options to see what’s really serving you.
  • It’s about eliminating what is not serving you, what is getting in the way of your highest priorities, such as projects, family, friends, sleep, leisure, travel, etc.
  • It’s about results—accomplishing what is most important to you.


So what is the purpose of being organized and productive?


Here’s a startling statistic that has been repeated in many studies by various organizations:  The typical person wastes nearly an hour a day looking for lost information! What could you do if you had that “extra” time back?


Being organized and productive is NOT about every paper clip in place!


It’s about

  • peace of mind—not worrying about things “falling through the cracks” or “blowing up”!
  • saving time—almost an hour a day, and multiply that by days, weeks, months and years!
  • removing stumbling blocks that keep you from achieving what you want
  • preventing distractions, which weigh you down and keep you from the focus you need to do your best work
  • clarity of thought and therefore more effective action
  • getting the results you want


It’s about what serves you, removing distractions and opening the way to achieve what is most important to you.


Here’s a quote that I think says it well:

“Productivity isn’t about being a workhorse, keeping busy or burning the midnight oil…It’s more about priorities, planning, and fiercely protecting your time.”                                                                                     Margarita Tartakovsky


We’ll be having many guests who add their own expertise and experience for your enrichment–whatever benefits you most.  And I’ll enjoy the journey with you as I am always on the lookout for the best ideas for you, and me, too.

Tune in every week for Biz Life Simplified, and Optimize your Time, Energy and Results!

It will be available on itunes, BlogTalkRadio, eWN Podcast Network, Stitcher, TuneInRadio, and Aha Radio.

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