Just a Few Minutes Can Keep You Sailing Along

“Just a few minutes” can keep you sailing along!

A client told me that the only time in his life when he was organized was when he was on his sailboat. No matter how messy things had become, when they were ready to tie up, they took “just a few minutes” to put things back in place. Ship shape, you might say.

Was it because he had changed? Did he have special “boat organizing” talents? Maybe it was because he made it a priority. He knew how important it was to be ready to find things quickly in case of darkness or a storm. Of course, he took pride in his boat and in his sailing (The coiled rope on the dock is a must!): how it reflected on him, how it made him feel, how having things in place kept him safe, and how much faster (and fun) it was to get going again.

He didn’t say he was tired, or late, or hopeless—he just did it, every time.

So commit to leaving the last 5 to 15 minutes of each day to put things back in place. Even if you’re not finished, tidy up a bit, so you feel better when you walk in the next day, and you’ll be more productive. It’s amazing what a few small actions can do, even if it’s only straightening the stacks of paper (although if we’ve worked together, you know there’s a better way).

To be more organized, we have to know it’s important, and make it a priority. Spending just a few minutes each day can give a real Productivity Boost!


“Science is organized knowledge. Wisdom is organized life.”

~ Immanuel Kant

To your Quality of Life,

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