Give yourself a real vacation! defines vacation as “a period of suspension of work, study or other activity, usually used for rest, recreation or travel; freedom or release from duty, business or activity.

Statistics show that fewer Americans are taking fewer vacations, taking them for a shorter time, or continue work while “on vacation.” So, many are not suspending work, resting, or rejuvenating.

It goes back to that multitasking issue. We think we are getting more done, but are really diminishing our results.

It also relates to focus—really doing whatever you are doing. “Work hard, play hard”, as the saying goes. Being mentally present increases your results and satisfaction.

Wrap up all the “loose ends” you can before you leave. Then make the decision to LET IT GO. You’ve done what you can, you deserve a break, and will be more productive when you return.

To help maintain peace of mind while away, have a “capture tool”* nearby, as some of your best ideas will come when you are relaxed (*pen & pad, 3×5 cards, small digital recorder, etc.). Or send an email to yourself via your cell phone.

If you must make a call or check in (and question yourself a lot before you decide that you need to), do it early in the day to get it off your mind. And again–let go of work and enjoy your holiday while you can! Let it all go and know that it is important to give yourself a break. Trust that all will be well and that having a “real life” is most important.

Would you keep your million dollar race horse running at all times? Of course not, so treat yourself at least that well. Graze, relax and enjoy! Have a wonderful vacation!

‘Bye for now. I’m leaving on vacation!

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