Fourth Key To An Effective Day

Effective Day Focus

#4: Focus

One of the top frustrations I hear about is interruptions.  But they’re not always from other people, are they? Research shows that we interrupt ourselves most often. We try to multitask, we get distracted, we think about something other than what we are working on, we think of things we need to do, and on and on.

If we really want to be productive, we need to focus. Multitasking, studies show, actually make things take much longer, as we are shifting our attention back and forth. We must shut out the world to do high priority work. Even in an hour or less we can make huge progress plus reduce those feelings of guilt and stress!

So ignore email (keep the “dinger” turned off!), let the phone go to voicemail, close the door or go to another room. Keep pen and paper nearby to capture distracting thoughts, and set a timer. Park yourself in that chair and FOCUS for 25 or 50 minutes on the most important thing that will move your life and/or business forward. Take a 5 or 10 minute break (depending on how long you focused) and repeat. Do this as early as you can each day and you will reap great rewards, including peace of mind.

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