First Key To An Effective Day

5 Keys To An Effective Days

First Key To An Effective Day


#1: Prepare Your Mindset

When you think about it, how your day goes (at least what you can control) is related to what’s going on in your mind. Are you feeling energetic? worried? distracted? happy? bored? agitated? calm? Don’t you accomplish a lot more when you are in a calm, positive state of mind, rather than depressed or anxious? That’s why it is so important to get yourself settled before you get to whatever you are going to do.

Make time for mental preparation that enables you to be at your best.  Instead of getting up and rushing to work, allow time (even 5-15 minutes will make a big difference) to read something to inspire and uplift you, help you feel centered and well-grounded. You might like to write your goals for the day, or favorite thoughts. Many people start the day with prayer or meditation.

It’s well worth getting up a few minutes earlier to ensure the best quality for your day. Replace rushed and frenzied feelings with calm, constructive thoughts. Build your day the way you would like it to be, instead of just reacting to whatever happens. A good mindset is vital to a good day. I believe in you!

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