Enjoying Your Holidays

How would you really like your holidays to be? Too many people feel burdened, and can’t wait until they are over.

This may be a big part of your life. Design it the way you’d like it to be!

Include family time and activities as well as quiet, unplanned time. Matthew Kelly, author of The Rhythm of Life, reminds us that important relationships thrive with “carefree timelessness”.

We may have to make some tough choices to reap important benefits. How many parties are more important than relaxing with those you care most about, in an atmosphere of “carefree timelessness.” Isn’t that what holidays are all about?

Simplify (see quote below article), paring your activities to the most meaningful choices. Remember your big picture life goals. How do you want to remember this season? How do you want others to remember the season? As something more than rushing around, wishing it would end?

Give yourself an early deadline to have shopping finished. It’ll be easier and more enjoyable, with better selection. Enjoy wrapping a few things each week, instead of being under last-minute pressure.

Set up a Wrapping Station where all supplies can be left and easily used when needed. Perhaps a card table in a corner of a lesser-used room.

Set up a Card Station and do a few at a time, daily or weekly. Set an early goal for mailing.

* * * Question how much of the above you really want and need to do.* * *

Here’s an idea that could be great for some: Give someone (an elderly relative or neighbor, perhaps) a Soup-of-the-Month coupon. Once a month (or less, depending on your relationship, their needs, and your available time) take two containers of soup—one to share over a visit and one to put into the freezer or refrigerator for later meals. Bet it will make you both feel warm and nourished inside!

Give yourself the gift of time for something you have been wanting to do, or just time to relax with a warm drink or a good book.

Buy time—simplify cooking, use prepared foods (much better quality available now), let family members do errands, hire cleaning help, etc. Your cheerier disposition will be worth it!

Stay on track—Get your important tasks done early so you can enjoy discretionary time when it counts.

Enjoy your holidays!

“The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that
the necessary may speak.”
– Hans Hofmann

To your Quality of Life,


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