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Let’s face it, if employees are unable to effectively handle the basic activities that occur in their workplace each day — things like voice mails, emails, faxes or finding things when they need them — they probably will not be able to effectively support the strategic and tactical plans of your overall organization. If the small things that go on in their own office are out of control most of the time. . . what’s happening to the big and important things that must be done to achieve the corporate goals?

Effective Executive workshops are the perfect way to find new solutions to specific organizing and productivity problems. Workshops offer fresh insights about your current organizing efforts and why they aren’t working as well as you’d like.

The Cost of Disorganization

  • When people see your office environment, what do they believe about you and your company?
  • Are your employees projecting the right image?
  • What image are you projecting to your clients? Boss? Staff?
  • Who would most people rather do business with… someone stressed out who is buried in a pile of paperwork, emails and clutter, or someone who is in control, organized and productive?

Do you hear comments like these from your employees or colleagues?

  • “When was that project due?”
  • “Sorry I’m late… I was buried under paperwork.”
  • “I can’t find anything in this office!”

It sounds innocent enough, but consider a company of 500 employees each making an average of $25 per hour. If each person loses just 30 minutes a day as a result of disorganization, that cost the company over $1.5 million a year! The real cost is much higher when you consider the cost of alienated and lost customers. Making sure nothing “falls through the cracks” is critical to the success of your organization. Don’t allow your employees, customers and profits to get lost in the shuffle and confusion of a disorganized, cluttered work environment.

The answer to clearing the clutter and improving the bottom line can be found in an Effective Executive Workshop — increase their productivity by 10% to 25% the first day after implementation!

Effective Executive workshops are tailored to meet your group’s needs with a proven, step-by-step process that helps people get organized and stay organized.

Nancy Hagan, Certified Productive Environment Specialist and Getting Organized trainer, will present a variety of topics in a workshop tailored to fit your needs. You and your team will learn proven principles, simple systems and practical tips to free your mind to focus on your highest priorities.

Nancy Hagan’s workshop can turn your team around:

  • Decrease the stress and anxiety that kill productivity
  • Improve their ability to follow up and follow through on assignments
  • Improve their ability to quickly recover from unexpected interruptions
  • helps people find things when they need them and more importantly, helps them stay focused on high priorities.

Nancy can have your whole team in sync in a very short time:

  • Experience having managers and staff “on the same page”
  • Share a common framework for organizing work and establishing priorities
  • Reduce confusion and maximize efficiency
  • Even reduce turnover!

Are you ready to make Peace of Mind Productivity a reality? Go for it! Put your team on a path to better organization and greater productivity with an Effective Executive Workshop!

How Other Have Benefited from Seminars with Nancy

“This is truly the best class I have attended — this course certainly far exceeded my expectations.”

“Nancy is pleasant and a joy to learn from. She is very interested in helping her students improve their individual situations.”

“I really enjoyed this class and learned some new techniques that I feel will benefit the way I perform my job responsibilities.”

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