Easy to Remember

Would you like to capture important ideas on the go, and make sure you will see them when you can act on them?

Would you like a reminder of something vital to appear just when you need it?

There’s an easy-to-use NO-COST service a friend told me about called at www.Jott.com. It’s simple: Call an 800 number (which you can program into speed dial on your phone), leave a message and it will convert your voice into an email and send it to your Inbox.

You can also send reminders to someone else or a group. You can categorize your lists, and even send a recording of your voice, as well as view and edit your messages and lists online.

When it’s not convenient to write, speak to Jott! There are simple instructions and more info at www.Jott.com Enjoy!

You have just enhanced your quality of Life!


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