Being Prepared

No one wants to think about it, but those who are prepared for difficult circumstances usually fare better than those who aren’t. Marty Kuritz, author of the Disaster Preparedness Guide, says “The difference between a survivor and a victim is being organized.”

That’s a strong statement, and one worth considering. I don’t usually think in terms of disasters (and you probably don’t, either) but as we’ve seen recently, being prepared can make a big difference, and can impact that very important issue, peace of mind.

Kuritz is a retired estate and financial planner who, for more than thirty-years, has helped clients communicate their economic wishes effectively to their heirs. He is also the author of the bestseller, The Beneficiary Book: A Family Information Organizer and Take Good Care of My Baby, and has appeared on numerous radio and television shows.

A F*R*E*E* .pdf download of his guide and checklist is available at  Check back, too, as it will soon be available in an interactive version which can be filled in online. It’s valuable as is, and better now  in case you don’t get back to it later.

Do your self and your loved ones a favor by doing the thinking and planning NOW, while things are calm. They will pay big dividends when you need them. We spend lots of time planning a new purchase or a vacation. Spend some time caring for your future well-being.

Emergencies come in many forms. So even if you don’t think you will be in a hurricane any time soon, it’s good to be prepared. Just last month on a sunny Cincinnati day, people were evacuated in some areas due to an out-of-state rail car that emitted toxic fumes. Hopefully you’ll never have any dire circumstances, but it’s good to have this personal information thought about and gathered together anyway. Think of it as insurance—and peace of mind.

Here is the link to the F*R*E*E* download:  . If you decide to order anything on the site, please tell Marty on the order form (“How did you hear about us?”)that Nancy sent you. I’ve used his products for years, and wouldn’t recommend them if I didn’t know they are quality, useful and reasonably priced.

This in one of those Do-It-Now things that you really don’t want to put off. Many problems are avoidable. Get the F*R*E*E* download now:  Do your thinking and planning while you can.


Keep everything for bill-paying in ONE place: All bills to pay in ONE file; All desk supplies in ONE place (which could be a portable basket, etc.)  Then there’s only ONE place to look when you need something—no mad search, no buried, missed bills or late charges.

Cherry Vanilla Smoothie (These proportions work well with any fruit.)

Put into blender container:

A 6 oz. container vanilla yogurt (or plain yogurt with 1 teaspoon honey and a dash of vanilla))

Frozen dark sweet cherries (or any frozen fruit) to fill empty yogurt container (about a cup)
A little milk, for desired consistency. Or, iIf you do not use frozen fruit, add ½-1 c. ice for a frosty drink.

Blend about one minute.

I created this a couple of weeks ago when we had just returned from a trip and were out of fresh fruit. Good-and-good-for-you! Easy and satisfying.  Enjoy!


“Do not wait; the time will never be ‘just right’. Start where you stand, and work with whatever tools you may have at your command, and better tools will be found as you go along.”
~ Napoleon Hill


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