Avoid Regrets and Claim Your Benefits!

What if you needed to make an insurance claim, but you couldn’t prove what you had? And so you didn’t get paid you what you really deserved!

Benefit from the experience of a licensed insurance adjuster, Brad Gaither, who shows us how to make it easy to be prepared.

When I ask someone “Would you be able to give your insurance company a complete list of all your possessions with documentation, so you could be fully reimbursed for your loss?” I usually get a faraway look, a sigh and shake of the head. It’s something we don’t think much about, often until it’s too late.

Get tips from an expert who tells you what to do without being overwhelmed. Fires, burglaries, and natural disasters occur every day, and some day it could be your home! BE PREPARED! He tells us how to make it easy, and have peace of mind, too.

Why should you document your personal property?

• If you file an insurance claim, your carrier will require that you submit an itemized list of what you are claiming as destroyed, stolen or damaged.

Can you create a list of every single item inside your home from memory? Any item you forget to list is an item your insurance company will not know to pay for. You WILL lose settlement money because you can’t possibly think of everything you lost!

Many items of higher value will require proof of ownership before the insurance company will pay for those items. Having the required information before a loss occurs will ensure that you can immediately provide the insurance company the documentation needed to quickly receive a full settlement for all items. Ownership documentation gives you far more control in the claims process. It’s that simple.

Having a high end, replacement-cost homeowner’s policy is not enough. You still must provide a list and documentation of items being claimed.

What happens if you don’t have your personal property documented?

You will not receive full settlement for your loss because A) most people cannot remember every single item in their home, and B) proof of ownership is still required for many items of higher value. Without any documentation, your insurance adjuster is in full control of your claim, and can pay whatever they want – and rightfully so. Every HO3 Homeowner’s Policy requires the customer to prove their loss.

Your claims process can be delayed for weeks, often months, due to lack of information and documentation that the insurance company needs to move forward with your claim.

• Your insurance company will not pay for certain items without proof of ownership! The insurance adjuster will require ownership documentation that you don’t have and can’t get because it’s been destroyed or stolen.

What are the positive results of proper personal property documentation?

Your claim will be settled immediately, and you will receive payment for ALL of your documented property.

• You’ll be prepared to create a complete list of your lost items if you suffer a total loss so you don’t lose settlement money. You’ll have far more control in the claims process.

• You can prove ownership of every item being claimed, and provide your insurance adjuster with all needed information. Proper ownership documentation removes questions the adjuster will have that will delay your settlement.

My Home Docs will prevent all of these negative outcomes by expertly documenting your personal property through the eyes of an experienced insurance adjuster. You can be completely prepared for an unexpected loss in just a few hours.

Fires, burglaries, and natural disasters occur every day, and some day it could be your home! BE PREPARED!

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