How to Avoid the Mess They Left


“How to Avoid the Mess They Left”, is the title of an article published in the Wall Street Journal several years ago. It was about how much people have to deal with when a family member passes away without having their important papers and information in order:  the chaos, the possible loss, the disorganization, the uncertainty of whether they have found everything (Public Unclaimed Funds lists are huge), the time and energy spent just moving things around, hoping to find what they need. And that’s typically not how the person wanted to leave those they care about.

The news reminds us every day that unexpected things happen. Are you prepared? So many people aren’t. I hear stories from clients, accountants, attorneys, others and in the news over and over, and they usually have sad, complicated endings. Someone thought they would get their important information together “later”. They thought they had more time and they had good intentions. But the time of need came sooner than expected.

The same applies even when it’s needing to escape from a tornado, fire, hurricane, earthquake, flood, medical emergency, etc. How much better and easier to have everything together and ready to “Grab & Go?”

It’s a totally different picture when someone’s life documents are organized and complete. It’s a huge boost to peace of mind for everyone, prevents crisis, loss of assets, saves much time and anxiety. Do a favor for yourself and those who depend on you—It’s simpler than you think.

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