At the End of the Day

How do you want to feel when you end your work day? Certainly not burdened by nagging guilt and frustration about what you did not get done. You’d likely prefer the peace and satisfaction that comes with knowing you took steps that moved you closer to your goals.

Ask yourself that question at the beginning of your day. Instead of letting the day happen, be proactive and focus on making sure you achieve the results you want. Block out an hour or two early in your day to focus on your top priority.

Things often take longer than we think, and the good news is that things often take less time than we think, once we focus! (Ever put something off, and when you finally did it realized it only took a few minutes, and kicked yourself for not doing it sooner?)

So ask yourself how you can feel really good about your workday. Be realistic and choose just one to three important things that will deliver the satisfaction you crave. Perhaps it’s just one step of a larger project. Break your work down into achievable chunks. That makes them easier to attack and complete.

Focus for an hour (no email, no phone calls, no interruptions—disappear if you have to). Then take a break, focus for another hour, if you can, and mark the item that was nagging at your mind “DONE.” Imagine how good you will feel at the end of your day as you close the office door or your laptop.

Enjoy your evening, and come back to work refreshed and energized, ready to create another great day.


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