4 Solutions That Will Increase Your Effectiveness At The Office

Do you know what being disorganized costs you?

Get Organized

… when you misplace an invoice and rack up late fees? And it’s more than the dollar cost, as much and as aggravating as that is. You had the money! You could have paid the darn bill!
It also costs you confidence in yourself, and that often comes through when you are talking with customers and others. It costs you peace of mind when you have that nagging feeling that something is being missed, and will probably come back to bite you.

4 Solutions That Will Increase Your Effectiveness At The Office:

• Keep a Bills to Pay file and put EVERY invoice into that folder. Check it weekly.
• Put it in your tickler file (files with days of the month and months of the year–very helpful. We’ll talk about that in another post.)
• Make a note on your calendar, and/or a reminder in your phone.
• Use online bill pay. Fairly quick to set up, saves a lot of time on an ongoing basis.

You may put off being organized because you don’t have the time. But research shows that the typical person loses nearly 6 weeks per year looking for things! Wouldn’t you rather spend that time in other more enjoyable ways?

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